How does a wind turbine work?

The kinetic energy is captured by wind turbine through blades of rotor. When the wind strikes against the blades, they revolve around the rotor shaft and therefore they spin the low speed shaft that is coupled to a hub. This thanks the multiplier turns the high speed shaft that is coupled to the generator, which is the producer of electricity.

1. It contains a rectifier which converts the three phase “wild” AC from the turbine into DC suitable for use by the inverters.
2. It holds the inverter(s) which convert from DC to grid synchronized AC.
3. It has safety fuses and isolator switches, for the input from the turbine, and output to the grid.
4. It holds various meters for measuring the energy generated by the system and the voltage and current coming from the turbine.
The electrical connection may be either to a single or three-phase supply, depending upon the type of electricity supply to workshop.

For wind machines that use batteries to store the power, a controller manages the electrical input to the batteries. An inverter converts direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC).

Small Wind Turbines for Home ( rooftop )

C-Diameter: 1.15 m
- Start-up wind speed: 11.3 km / h (3.13 m / s, 6.1 kts)
- Output: 400 W at 45 km / h (12.5 m / s, 24.3 knots), 100 W at 27km / h (7.5 m / s, 15nds)
- Maximum power: 600W
- Output: 38kW / h per month to 19.5 km / h wind
- Maximum wind speed: 177 km / h (49.2 m / s, 95nds)
- Protection of over-speed: electronic torque controller
- Turbine controller: Controller internal microprocessor with peak detection power
- Blades (three): Composite carbon fiber
- Body: Cast aluminum
- Mounting Tube No. 40 Ø 38 mm (OD. 48mm - 1 ½ inches
- Weight: 5.85 kg (Packing 686 x 381 x 228 mm / 7.7 kg)
- CE approved
- Model 12 volt

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